Case Revealed: Company Logo With Hidden Meaning


Have you ever wondered why some company’s logos make a lasting impression, while others seem to be easy to forget? The answer lies in the meaning behind the logo. Behind every successful company logo is a carefully crafted design that goes beyond beauty. These logos are full of meaning, expressing the essence and value of the brand they symbolize. In this article, we take a closer look at the iconic company logos and hidden meanings that stand out in complex markets.

Apple: Fruits of Creativity and Knowledge

When you think of Apple’s logo, what comes to your mind? A simple apple with a bite is a synonym for innovation and creativity. The choice of apples is a nod to knowledge because it reminds me of the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible and the tree of knowledge. The explosion of creativity lies in the clever use of familiar symbols to arouse curiosity and emotional connection with the brand. Apple’s logo tells the story of a company that encourages people to think differently and embrace knowledge to drive innovative ideas.

Amazon: A to Z, everything store

Amazon’s logo is more than just a smiley face. Reflects the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. The arrow linking ‘A’ and ‘Z’ is a metaphor for the wide range of products available in the online market. Confusion lies in the hidden message – Amazon is a must-have store for everything from A to Z. The explosion of the logo is in the subtlety of the message and creates a memorable connection between the logo and the company’s mission.

FedEx: Travel Speed and Precision

At first glance, FedEx’s logo may seem simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you look closely, you can see that there is an arrow between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’ These arrows indicate speed, efficiency, and forward motion. That’s exactly what FedEx wants to deliver to its customers. The hidden meaning of the logo reflects the brand’s commitment to fast and accurate delivery services. The explosiveness of this logo lies in its cleverness to subtly convey the company’s core values.

Tobleron: Hidden Bears in the Mountains

Tobleron’s iconic triangular logo is a feast of snow, but did you know that it has a hidden meaning? If you look closely at the mountain’s symbols, you can see a bear nesting on a snowy mountain peak. This hidden element honors the origin of the brand in Bern, Switzerland, also known as the “Bear City.” The complexity of this logo lies not only in the shape of the product, but also in the skillful combination of elements that embrace the brand’s legacy.

Coca Cola: The Curved Beauty of Happiness

Coca-Cola’s logo is an eternal classic that has virtually not changed for more than a century. The iconic handwriting of the brand name exudes elegance and familiarity. The wavelike shape of the letters reflects the bubbles of the soda itself and evokes an explosion of happiness. The logo is in the emotional connection it creates because it reminds consumers of moments with joy and sharing with friends and family. Coca-Cola’s logo is not just a symbol. It’s about expressing happiness in a bottle.

BMW: Praise for its roots

The BMW logo is a perfect example of a brand paying homage to history. The circular blue and white designs represent propeller blades rotating against the blue sky. This logo represents BMW’s origin as an aircraft engine manufacturer. The explosive nature of this logo is its ability to evoke speed and precision. This is synonymous with BMW’s luxury car. By integrating a piece of the past into the logo, BMW creates a unique and meaningful brand identity.

bmw logo
bmw logo

Centiment: Embracing a Practical Approach

The Centiment logo embodies the brand name and the approach to game development. The word “centiment” reflects the company’s commitment to practicality and efficiency that delivers the highest level of gaming experience. By using the brand name as the logo itself, centiment strengthens the brand’s identity and creates a cohesive and direct representation of the brand. The explosiveness of this logo lies in its commitment to excellence, a core value of the brand, and its ability to focus on delivering the best gaming solutions to players.


Behind every iconic company logo is a hidden story awaiting release. These logos capture the essence and value of the brand they represent beyond aesthetics. From Apple’s symbolism of creativity and knowledge to FedEx’s arrows of speed and accuracy, these logos create meaningful links with consumers. The explosiveness of the hidden meaning lies in the subtle yet powerful message they convey. So, the next time you see a familiar logo, you may be surprised by the embarrassment of its hidden meaning.