Digital Printing Tips For Specialty Signage

Your business’s signs are an integral component of its image; don’t skimp on quality for fear that customers might perceive that you also cut corners elsewhere. Signs should be easily read, so fonts large enough for legibility should be utilized. Furthermore, be certain that font kerning is correct to ensure maximum clarity and readability. 1. … Read more

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Case Revealed: Company Logo With Hidden Meaning

Introduction Have you ever wondered why some company’s logos make a lasting impression, while others seem to be easy to forget? The answer lies in the meaning behind the logo. Behind every successful company logo is a carefully crafted design that goes beyond beauty. These logos are full of meaning, expressing the essence and value … Read more

Tips for Creating Eye-Catching and Impactful Signage

Signs represent company branding and are one of the first impressions a prospective customer forms about your company. Eye-catching signs help showcase this part of your image; whether polished and professional or quirky and fun! Take a walk around your neighborhood or shopping mall, observing which signs draw your eye (or don’t). Here are a … Read more